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About aim is as follows:
  1. To inform customers of category listed suppliers from which you can make an informed choice on their products
  2. To review the leading sites objectively with the customer in mind.
  3. To provide suppliers as a group for you to compare prices with and take advantage of any current discounts.
  4. To list sellers who safely ship internationally and provide warranties.
We are familiar with a large number of reliable vendors who offer high quality products but saw no way for the average customer to tell them apart from the fluctuating number of unreliable vendors out there. This site brings together common vendors that have proven themselves.
Over time we developed the idea of a site that brought reliable and trusted suppliers all in one location. The aim is to reduce your valuable search time. If you, the customer, have any comments or suggestions please make contact with
Should any of listed suppliers not prove exceptional please contact bettermode and they will be reassessed.
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